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Originally Posted by erh7771 View Post
Strawman noted, I never said it wasn't available!!

Anyone can go down to the local tattoo polar and ask for a appendectomy.

If you want good healthcare you're going to have to pony up and the link that was posted upthread validates that for a near majority of Americans

But this is what you're advocating with your step sons story!!!!

You're saying MOST PEOPLE don't have to pay crap to get adequate health care in America and use no other proof but a single story of a loved one...

Post some proof that MOST PEOPLE in American can get adequate health care without paying for it
Wow, are you confused. In the first place, the tattoo parlors in your part may offer apendectomies, but I have never seen one that did. And I'm not advocating freeloading, I'm just saying that anybody can get quality care in the U.S. Now I'm done. You will keep on dragging this on forever. I just told you that people can get good health care. So go ahead and tell me that I'm advocating freeloading when I didn't even come close to that. Keep on watching MSNBC.
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