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Originally Posted by erh7771 View Post
and people have already posted proof that your step son is the exception and not the rule

A near majority in America do NOT get his experience, they get closer to my SIL experience

This is easy

This is false on its face, only a person who is totally going to ignore the facts that are common about the US health system would believe this

You have shown NO PROOF that the MF that your step son went to is available for everyone nationwide..

Also, humans in general don't like to free load...the people of the state are paying for your sons health care because of decisions he made...

Why U.S. Lags Other Wealthy Nations in Health Measures

US ranks last among rich nations in health care
You haven't proved that health care isn't available to everyone. Maybe your SIL didn't know how to go about getting the care she needed. As far as freeloading, I don't like to freeload either, and I haven't. I have excellent insurance. But, if that is the reason they don't take advantage of the healthcare that's available, that is up the them.

I bet you watch MSNBC news, and just lap up everything they throw at you. Right?
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