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Since it seems that ETree is finally listening, here is what I would like. Create an app to use the software from your phone. We should not have to take a computer to the field, use the tx controls which are not user friendly or wait to get home to adjust the plane. If I can bank from my phone it shouldn't be to difficult to access the software.
We're always listening. We track and discuss the feature requests posted here, and many will end up in our products - this feedback is really appreciated! Re a mobile app, we started work on the hardware adapter to support this some time ago, but it is going slowly due to other project priorities. It doesn't get as many requests as I would have expected, though. Are others interested in this capability?

ET should apply for a federal grant and provide a decent 18 channel computer transmitter with each purchase
Ha! Well, we applied, but apparently we're not too big to fail.
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