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I hate waiting for parts
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The things that annoy me are the things that RCG cannot control... namely the people who:
  1. Ask the same question that's been asked 1,000,000,000 times because they were too lazy to use the Search function;
  2. Get mad at you for giving them the answer they didn't want to hear;
  3. Forget that tone is impossible to convey in type and get their knickers in a twist because they mis-read what you typed;
  4. Spout off whatever is on the top of their head and press the Submit button before looking back at what they typed and say "Do I really want to say that? Is that how I really feel?" because there are no real-world consequences (what I like to call "Keyboard Cowboys");

Etc., etc. There ain't no forum plugins for fixing those kinds of problems...
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