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For flying in the hotel room with a low ceiling, I made my prop so I could adjust the pitch of the blades. If the plane climbed excessively and hit the ceiling, I'd add more pitch to the prop.
I'm no engineer, but my reasoning is that since horsepower is torque times RPM, by reducing the revs I was reducing power. Anyway, it worked for me.
The prop hub was a short piece of plastic tube, I think from an ink pen. The prop spars were short pieces of round toothpick, with the pointy end being a snug fit in the tube. I made blades from a variety of materials, paper, thin plastic from some packaging, balsa sanded very thin,etc.
Sometimes a blade will fall out, so I made a simple gauge from paper that when held in alignment with the fuselage it butted up against the blade about an inch from the hub. That way I could put it back in at the correct angle.
Reducing pitch gives more power and shorter runs, more pitch reduces power and gives longer runs. I do remember flying in a much higher ceiling in the casino until told to leave, there I used reduced pitch for fast climbs to the ceiling.
These types of planes are quick and easy to make, and sure do make life away from home more pleasant. I know from experience that they beat drinking and gambling, cheaper and you wake up feeling good too.
A relatively small box will carry my mini hot glue gun, scissors and knives, balsa, foam, needle nose pliers,ruler and protractor,etc as well as tissue and other essentials for serenity away from my wife and cats.
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