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Originally Posted by jackerbes View Post
Wow! That really looks good!

But 22N (slots or arms) 24P (poles or magnets) does not work according to the calculator (slots has to be divisible by 3) so I am guessing that you have a 24N22P motor, right?

And the result for that looks really good. You have 264 cogging steps for finer movements and a very good winding factor.

Is the AaAabBbBCcCcaAaABbBbcCcC winding scheme shown in the image the one that you used?

Thanx for correcting me It is 24N22P.. hehe..

Will try to wind it with 60 turns also to see the difference, but how is it really? is it better to aim for the 15 ohm or stay with the 7 ohm?
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