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Those Hyperion battery's above look great for a real Hot Rod build. If you need to draw > 40 amps those look like a good choice.

Im a big fan of the Gens Ace (not the Eco series) too. And just to a slightly lesser extent the Sky Lipo packs. Its just a pita the ones you want are almost never in stock.

Keep hearing way too many complain about the Zippys.

The HobbyPeople packs are surprisingly good. Not just from my experience by several who I fly with love them. They just last and keep performing well. Its nice they are local and in stock. I picked up a set of 4, 2200's when they where on sale for $10/pack a few months back.

All battery's regardless of price will fade and fail eventually. So for me, the goal is to find a battery that will perform the job your asking of it (discharge C with some head room) with out costing too much. The stock PZ Power 480 and E-Flight 30 Amp ESC will never stress an honestly rated 20C 2200mAh pack (44 Amps continuous discharge). Even with the the E-Flight Power 10 or the Turnigy G10 your well under the C rating. Once you bump up to a Power 15 or bigger (not the PZ Power 15 as its really closer to a Power 10) they you will want to spend more $ for a 30/35C 2200mAh pack.

When I fly I use all 4 of my pack's in rotation and immediately get them on the charger after a flight. 4 packs is just enough to keep me going with out having to wait for a pack to charge. I use a Hitec X2-400 and charge 2 packs at 2.2 Amps (1C). So for me Id rather have 4 packs for the price of that single Hyperion listed above.
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