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Originally Posted by Danny_l View Post
OK then, so you have 2000 flights on the T28.
This only means that you should really know better than to give the advise that you dish out.

Tripple checking is a great idea, providing you actually know how to spot a problem.
A novice can hardly be expected to recognize what can later become a problem that will cause a crash.

As for flying in tight places full of obstacles, again it is a case that with your 2000 flights you've forgotten that a novice will have a much harder time negotiating the obstacles.

Bottom line is that the majority of people don't have 2000 flights on a particular model , perhaps) and sadly most novices will end up a first flight with a planed that waws not checked by an experienced pilot with the sour feelings that comes when you prang a nice new plane.

Even a stable and fun plane like the T28 needs enough altitude to pull out of a loop, especially if in a dive with full throttle, a person with 2000 fights will know that and put the plane high enough, a novice may even go into that loop unintentionally and/or too low.

Sadly novices dont come with 2000 flights, they need to start and a prang in the first flight or two is not something that will help them in the hobby.

Once again, I am sure that you are a great pilot but not everyone is so, most of us mere mortals need a helping hand when getting started.


Forrest for the trees Danny. I like everyone started with a first flight.

I give people more credit than you do, but.........

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