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Originally Posted by Steve C View Post
False. Inlet area can be as low as 65% FSA if the shape is just right. 80% is a reasonable number to shoot for, especially with new fans having more than 4 or 5 blades.

For the exhaust, make sure you're looking at half the area, not diameter. As long as the total area is equal or less than 100% fsa, I think it will work ok.
Steve if this is the case then it might be do-able in scale. The 2 inlets are rather small. I will have to run the area numbers again tomorrow to see if it is anywhere near the 65-80%. If scaled to meet the 100% inlet diameter the exhaust outlets would look way too small at the 1.25" suggested.
Should the inlets have a twist to them as well as the outlets? I think this could help to smooth the airflow coming into the rotor and may also help with the vortice of the outlet as the air takes on a swirl when forced by the rotor. I think this can also help to get past any high or low pressure areas in front of or behind the rotor.
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