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DR, Waynemia, thanks a lot for the tips. Im still trying to decide if I want to tear into the fuselage and do some strength mods as I've read several complaints about it snapping in half doing snaps and other high G maneuvers (although I dont PLAN on trying anything like that for a while yet). Ive also read about the wing just coming off mid flight. Its one of those "you get what you pay for" models I guess. It seems poorly constructed, but thought it would be a good introduction model to 3D flight after Im used to it. I plan on getting my Tower Trainer up in the air first to try and get my thumbs back. I do fine on the sim, but I know the pucker factor (for lack of better words) will come into play as soon as the motor fires up. I keep reliving my last experience with my last flight everytime I think about it.

So, just to recap what has been said, keep throws at low rates, check and triple check settings, and get help from experienced flyers at take off time.

To balance a tail dragger laterally, with tail wheel straight and sitting on a table, lift up on the spinner/prop shaft with a finger straight up to see if a wing drops. Add weight to the high wing to level.
abaser is online now Find More Posts by abaser
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