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Originally Posted by mictouch View Post
I read a lot of these 200+ pages and I hear a LOT of very GOOD things about the Phantom. I'm a photographer and I would love to shoot GoPro Aerial video or maybe even use another camera like a SONY NEX7 or maybe a Nikon 1. I realize the payload of a Phantom is adequate for a Hero 2 or 3 and these other cameras might slow it down and wear the battery out too fast. With that being said, is the Phantom a good choice for filming with a GoPro?

My main concern is parts available - I see many posts on the subject of the Phantom Parts NOT being Available. Is this TRUE?


Should I just step up to the plate and get a DJI S800 or a XPRO-Heli XP2 Quad Copter? I just don't want to get into a $4000 plus dollar nightmare...

Sorry I didn't reply to your PM yet.

Depending on your budget not to include the camera, the F550 would be a good choice. I find the Phantoms ability to control and hover a little smooter then my F450. I am still dialing in the gains but I don't see it getting much better. I have everything to turn it into an F550 except the 2 extra motors at this poing. I added the extra arms, ESC's and plates so I can compare a 550 to a 450.

If you not going to get carried away with a heavy gimbal and camera setup, the Phantom is killer in its ability to fly smoothly. CL is great for turning it sideways and following a moving object.
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