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Originally Posted by Scarlet View Post
I don't fully understand the 90deg/45deg flybar thing.Why does, say, my MJX F-45 have a 45deg flybar and not a flybar at 90deg?I understand what you are saying about the fragility aspect.When you say it handles crappier,do I take it to mean you've actually had a go at this,or have you just seen a video.I can,on a calm day,hover my F-45 30 feet up in the air and take my hands off the controls for what seems like ages,and it hardly moves from the spot.This would be nice to achieve with a 450 clone or suchlike.
A 45 flybar head with Bell linkage is highly stabilized and head movement is considerably reduced. A 90 flybar does not work well with Bell linkage, movement damping is very uneven. A 90 flybar is typically used with Hiller linkage or Bell-Hiller linkage. Neither of these configurations provides movement reduction, damping or stabilizing. If you take your hands off the sticks for 2 seconds, you will crash.

Locking the pitch on a conventional CP head accomplishes nothing, other than rob it of a lot of stability and wind handling capability. You still have the same head that is subject to the same damage potential. Likewise, there is no advantage to making a flybarless CP head act as FP, for the same reasons.
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