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Originally Posted by sideburn View Post
Well, I think I am over this heli for good now. Its great when it works but a money pit when it doesnt. I dont even want to think about how much money I have sank into this thing.

I went to the LHS and got another tail shaft. then it through a blade grip.. anyway finally I got it to not vibrate but now the tail kicks out like CRAZY like almost a ful 360 on a pitch pump..

I think I'm going to sell it. I just put another brand new servo on it. its got all metal gears. RKH parts and a bunch of spares and 2 batteries. not sure what its all worth since it needs work but its good for parts at least.
I can understand how you feel but, don't give up. I would recommend you keep the MH pitch slider and aluminum swashplate if you have one installed and otherwise return it to stock. If you have a little vibration at spool up just live with it. There is no need to throw tons of $$$ at a 130X. My 130X is the first one my LHS sold when they came out last June. It is completely stock (even has original flange bearings in tail) with hundreds of flights on it. It has some vibration on spool up but, doesn't vibrate in the air. It flies great. The only parts I have replaced are due to crashes. I just bought a second 130X. I do realize your requirements may be different than mine so take this as my .02 cents.

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