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Originally Posted by JCMorgan View Post
Yeah, I posted that from my phone, which has no spell check, and the virtual keyboard is new to me, and is taking some getting use to. You should try to read a text from me.

So, let me see if I understand you guys point of view on this.

By suggesting he try to better himself, and aid his disability so that communication for him would be easier, and better, I'm bullying him?

However, your advice is for him to just keep doing what he is, and the rest of the world is a bully if they dare suggest they can't understand him and that his communication skills need some more effort from him? The rest of the World should have to adapt to him while asking him to put effort into improving is bullying?

Sorry, but you can not soften real life for people. Telling this guy that it's OK, and there is no need to put any effort into his disability, and the rest of the world are bullies that he shouldn't have to face is NOT the right advice. It may help his hurt feelings for a bit, but in no way is it helping him.

Hard Truth: Life is hard, people are cruel, and the weak fall behind. I didn't make it that way, and I don't like it, but it simply is what it is, and to believe anyone here is going to change the world in this persons lifetime is simply ridiculous Hollywood BS, and not reality. Telling him his "problem" isn't a problem IS NOT good advice, and does more harm than any "bullying" that actually points out the problem and the need for continued effort on his part.
It's not your place to imply that anyone needs to better themself.
Kenny Sharp is online now Find More Posts by Kenny Sharp
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