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Originally Posted by ripacheco View Post
I was finally able to "secure" a Dynaflite PT-19 kit... yay!
after the kit arrives lots of work to do before the build starts
need to figure out what we will "per-kit" and what modifications we will make... flaps mandatory... better landing gear mandatory... cowl mandatory ... etc... etc...
Robart used to make a "Robostrut" oleo strut that slipped over the 1/4" music wire gear of the DF PT-19. They then secured W/set screws.

I don't think they are available anymore but the gear for the Aviation concepts PT-19 looks very similar except that the AC gear clamps in a mount. I'm sure my Robart gear would work on the AC PT-19, maybe vica versa?

The maingear mount deficency is easy to fix while in construction just glue in a birch plywood doubler & some heavier blocking. The design of the gear is good otherwise. There is a long horizontal section between the vertical part that goes into the wing root & the vertical part than goes into the oleo strut. It acts as a torsion bar & is very sturdy yet it has flex built in for torsional shock absorbsion.

Once you add full sheeting on the wings, wing flliets, some depth for realism on the front cowl openings, roll bar, pilot figures, flaps, etc as well as a painted 21st Century or Solartex fabric covering for realism, the weight will be approaching 14-16#, maybe a bit more.

A Saito 150 will be a good power source, a 180 will really make it pull good vertical.

I have been thinking about getting the AC cowl W/the exhaust pipes to add to my DF PT-19.

I'm actually considering selling the kit I bought in 1998 for the wing rebuild & getting the Aviation Concepts PT-19.

I have a high compression Saito FA180HC CDI BBC engine that makes 3 1/2 HP on 15% Cool Power methanol fuel. It turns the specified 18 X 8 prop @ 8450 RPM & makes over 20# of thrust. It should be able to fly the 19# AC PT-19 quite easily.
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