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Originally Posted by Bnh105 View Post
What are you guys using for the tail? I'm considering doing this. Is it just a motor or dd tail on there?
FWIW, have one of each (all on 450 frames with BL main motor and F45 rotor head).
1 - Modded F45 Rx, ADH300XL main motor, Brushed tail
2 - 6ch Rx, Align 430X main motor, 3s battery, Belt tail
3 - 6ch Rx, 2211 Turnigy tail
- and also a pretty standard HK/Align CP 450.

Where I fly (a southern trades seaside area) the prevailing winds year round are gusty 10 to 20 knots - so (unless I want to get up at 5am!) have been concentrating most of my R&D into getting the best wind authority and easy recoverability from gusts.

On this basis, and in my own experience, they are ranked pretty well as above - with the CP sort of between 1 and 2. However, the best all rounder seems to be the FP belt tail (getting the most flight time!) - except in 20 knot + winds. Bear in mind, this is from the 'fun flying' pov, not looking for really challenging flying at the end of a day's work. Or repair bills.

I'm still waiting on feedback from some more experienced CP guys, to see if my ranking on the CP is due to my lack of CP skills, and if more practice would also give a 'fun flying' label to a 450 CP in a 20 knot wind. But the only competent local flyer I know says to get his tick of approval under these conditions would have to be flying his 550 (or bigger).

TL, DR? - Best (IME, so far) - 6ch Rx, FP 450 with belt tail. Thanks, Arrowshooter! (wasted weeks trying to get BL tail exactly right).
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