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Congratulation Midelic !

Well I have just ordered some L3G4200 gyro sensors (2.5$/piece at aliexpress, l3g4200 looks like a clone or perhaps better than itg3200) but I think it will take one month or more to get them (order processing + china post ...)

I have worked again on pcb to have something with better look.

pic18f14k22 has not enougth pwm outputs for 8 motors so I shall do it with software and interrupts... if it does not work I'll draw a new pcb with bigger pic, probably a 18f26j13 (10 pwm outputs, 28 pins). I have looked at H36 mini quadcopter motor output and pwm is at about 670Hz but I don't know pwm resolution.
I'll try 400Hz pwm frequency with 8bits resolution, that means a 400x256 = 102khz interrupt. With an instruction clock frequency of 16Mhz(max for this pic), I think each interrupt will take about 4us (about 64 instructions) , so pic will spend about 40% of his time (4us*102khz = 0.4s) to update pwm, so 60% is left to get tx packets, well, it should work.

taking into account ic delivery time, programming, tests, ...I think it should work in 2 months.
Then we can imagine different programs for tri, hexa, ...
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