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Originally Posted by Snowflake6515 View Post
I do not have a DX-8, but if I had to guess, I think the problem is that there is a default switch/knob/... assignment to Aux2 that is forcing a value of -100 or +100 and, hence, you cannot get "0" for Off. You should be able to verify the output value via the monitor screen, or plug a servo into Aux2 temporarily.

Verify the assignment of controls to channels and see if this is the issue because that is the only interfering / side effect that has caused this problem for others.

Once you remove the default assignment and have your Guardian mode switch assigned, verify with the monitor screen and, if you now get 0 in the Off position, the Guardian should disable flight stabilization (unlit LED.)

Thanks Michael,

I used to have flaps on their own channel and had to free a channel up for the guardian so put flaps on a Y lead.....but forgot to tell the DX8 it was a "single" flap.

All fixed now.

Another question guys..............On the bench, how can I tell if the guardian actually is in 2D mode or 3D mode according to the flight switch? Just want to make sure that it is working fine now.


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