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Many thanks for your encouragement guys!

I'm still working on the finish, when I get a chance. I think the secrets with Depron are:

1: You can bend it a lot if you put tape on the outside of the bend.
2: The skin provides most of the strength. If you sand it or cut it off, you can repair the finish with lightweight spackle.
3: WBPU restores the strength a little. You can mix any old acrylic paint into the WBPU and it will be water resistent. 2 or 3 coats and some fine sandpaper make a good finish.
4: 0.6 oz glass cloth adds a little to the weight - about an ounce for 300sq inches of wing area as far as I can judge. It adds tremendously to the strength and stiffness.
5: on top of the glass cloth, after the first layer of WBPU has been brushed in and allowed to set, use a mixture of WBPU and spackle. Squeegee it across the surface with an old credit card. Then go to stage 3 above.

I've only used the glass cloth on the wings (top and bottom). I'm tempted to make the final coats of colour using a foam safe aerosol - it's an easy way to avoid the brush stokes. I would be pleased to hear any advice on this.


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