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Originally Posted by DarZeelon View Post
The removal of the crankshaft is well illustrated in this no-nonsense video.

Please watch from about 6:30 minutes.
The engine is a four-stroke, but the procedure for crankshaft and bearing removal, is exactly the same as for an OS.55AX and virtually any other glow engine; in regards to when heat should be applied.

It is by Greg that we know from these pages.
Regarding Greg's movie disassembling the OS engine, nice clear images and definetely of great help for the un-initiated. But a few comments. First, I am under the impression that the engine was brand new or hardly used for a long period. This can make all the difference when having to disassemble an engine, no bad gumming up f.e. I did like when he said "if you're lucky the bearing will fall out". With a good used engine these just do not fall out. Also, I did not see him remove those camshaft bearings ! His removal of the piston pin is the same method I have suggested here before on many occasions, only he uses a wood screw where I suggest a small round file, it is a matter of inserting an object that does have side-grip.
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