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Hello Don,

FH64_Lucky helped me find you....thank goodness for the internet....always a wonder from Ham Radio days.

I just ordered an HK Flying Shark...and one of your balanced 64mm EDF set ups as follows:
Order #: 130221-203500-9597
Wicked EDF Motor 4800KV
Motor Configuration: Standoff w/rotor plug for EDO Mount and Dynamic Balance
Balancing: Standard Balancing
64mm EDO Type I EDF Ducted Fan Unit
Rotor Plug: Include DonsRC 3mm rotor plug (slip fit)

I am wanting more low end gunt than top end speed for this crazy flying shark. This is my first EDF so I may have mis-matched my motor thinking that a KV4800 would be better for this 700G RC airframe than a KV4400 or lesser KV motor. Please forgive my noobness regarding KV to RPM to thrust ratio. Anyway...if you have a better suggestion for my set up to the Hobby King Flying Shark please make changes at will....I'll pay more as needed.

I am flying from a Fort Worth Texas area club grass runway this EDF shark will be hand launched...I wanted to make sure I have enough hand launch thrust to make take offs a little more easier....and provide this thing with enough power to scat back up verticle from a low slow glide path down the runway.

Your suggestions are most welcome..and if the KV4800 is a good match to the 64mm fan assembly then....good!

Thanks in Advance,
Hurst, Texas
TwistedGrin is online now Find More Posts by TwistedGrin
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