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In my experience, it required more A123 cells then Lipo cells for the same power under load. This was also confirmed early on with my Eagle Tree readings.

Under the relatively high loads that result in powering this size of heli, the nominal voltage of a good Lipo pack will stay around 3.7V per cell, and the curent high C packs yield more like 3.8V/cell. On the other hand, the A123 cells would drop down to 2.8 or 2.9V per cell.

So for more realistic comparisons, a modern 5 cell Lipo will easily deliver 19.5 volts (3.8 x 5), the A123 would require more like 7 cells (2.8 x 7 = 19.6). And when you consider the relatively high weight of the 7 cell A123 packs when compared to a 5S Lipo, it did not take long for me and others to stop using them. And now, considering the current costs of decent lipos, relative to back when we tried A123's, I do not think that even the cost savings warrant using them.

The A123 packs do work, but for me, I cannot see any reason to go to them.
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