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Pats reasoning is good in the US but doesnt work in the UK unfortunately, where the combo costs much more and the supplied rx seems to be worth much less on the 2nd-hand market.
I've just been on the OrangeRx website and posted a query on their support page:
Originally Posted by Phil to ORx
Please could you clarify the situation with the OrangeRx DSM2/DSMX modules, specifically the uniqueness of the ID or global identifier. The ability to reset it and the explanation as to why this might be necessary has caused a lot of flyers extreme concern, to the point that it has been suggested that these be banned at club flying sites. The concern is that it appears from the description that the OrangeRx module could share a common ID with a genuine Spektrum set.
It may be that the perceived problem is a misunderstanding, as a result of poor translation.
Please could you post a technically detailed explanation of the ID allocations and confirm whether or not there is the possibility of a clash with other systems. This concern must be badly affecting sales of the OrangeRx modules so a prompt response would benefit yourselves as well as model flyers.
Not sure if they'll respond, we'll see.
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