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Why are the suggestions for a spell check being ignored? Ispell is free. I'm not condoning bullying. However, it has it's place in this world. I was bullied in school because I was skiny and weak. That bullying lead me to get on a health kick, and start working out. It made me take a look at myself, and gave me motivation to better myself. By the end of my school career, I was much bigger, stronger, and faster than the bullies. I was also a better person, as I forgave them, and did not seek revenge. I actually thanked one of them. The look on his face was one of confusion, and fear that I may be there to seek an eye for an eye.
The point is, Bigfoot, you may have a learning disablility. However, it should not be used for an excuse for not considering how it frustrates others, and causes problems when something like a simple spellcheck/grammer check can help the issue, while you ignore the advice.
If you want others to respect your disablility, you must respect others frustration when trying to figure out what you have posted. You must ask yourself "Am I doing everything I can to help others understand me?" As I pointed out early, there are a lot of threads in Trader Talk about deals that have gone horribly wrong that involve people that post much like you do. You can not expect people to be warm and fuzzy about your post when history shows what it does about posts like that. Bullying may be wrong, but expecting it to be nonexsistent is naive.
I wish you luck in your struggle. Don't give up the struggle, and expect others to strugle with your disablity more than you are willing too at this point.

Here is a link to a free spellcheck. Hope it helps a little.
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