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Originally Posted by A.T. View Post
As in previous post, wires soldered on. Make and use a DIY
. Bezel Wrench to avoid damage to case.

. Hitec - Switch Part Numbers - Replace Broken Switches.

Hitec Switch Part Number link is broken. Can you please repost the link?

Repeat of the post:
Originally Posted by the pope View Post
I added the all bets are off because its not the radios fault but I know of 3 people that have broken switches and in 7 yrs of doing this I havent heard of anybody else doing this with other brands . Cheers the pope
A very common problem, near the top of reasons for all known brands of Tx, referred here.
"I havent heard of anybody else doing this with other brands "
Simply some appear more readily on retail shelves and web searches e,.g.

Hitec switches readily available here and in some other countries, part numbers:
59003 3 Position Switch (Long Lever)
59004 2 Position Switch (Short Lever)
59005 Trainer Switch 9005
59006 2 Position Switch (Long Lever) - Eclipse
59007 3 Position Switch (Short Lever)
59008 Toggle Switch MS-550 C-L
ECLDRSW Eclipse Dual rate switch
ECLFLTSW Eclipse Flight Mode Switch
ECLRUDSW Eclipse Rudder Dual Rate Switch
54303 Trainer Plug & switch Accessory for Neon SS FM
54304 CH 1 & 2 Dual rate switch for Neon SS FM (Must Use #54302 ATV BOARD)

Aurora 9 Switches: (First digit may vary from country to country)
70017 "Toggle Switch 2-Position (Long)" SW-B / SW-F
70018 "Toggle Switch 2-Position (Short)" SW-A / SW-D / SW-G
70019 "Toggle Switch Trainer (Long)" SW-H
70020 "Toggle Switch 3-Position (Long)" SW-C
70021 "Toggle Switch 3-Position (Short)" SW-E

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