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Venture 60 Build Thread Continued

After really messing up showing a photo with a wing servo looking like it was going to be mounted 90 degrees to where it should be, I will try to be more watchful about what I either say or show photos of in my V60 build log. Having never done this before, it is kind of a stream of consciousness most of the time, & at other times an admission of incompetence or a plea for help or advice (even if it really doesnít look or sound like that).

So I will sheepishly continue with just a few photos of the in-progress & then the completed sheeting work on the lower wing panel. And at this point according to the plans, it is time to set this wing panel aside & then build the left wing panel to the same state. Then work progresses to partially build the fuselage. Reason for this is to then join these two wing panels so that they can be fitted into the partially complete fuselage in order to do things like complete the work on the dowels that need to be installed in the wings & the holes that need to be made in the fuse to hold the leading edge of the wing in place; as well as to install the blocks in the fuselage that the wing bolts will need to be screwed into to hold the trailing edge of the wing in place. Not to mention also installing a landing gear plate into the fuselage that needs to be fitted against the wing panel.

Iím obviously getting way ahead of myself, but the idea occurs to me that if I proceed to build the left wing panel & then restart work on this build log, it may be weeks from now at my build pace & no one will really be very interested any more. So I am going to try to multi task, which I used to do a lot of before I retired, but really not so much anymore. I am going to work on the wing panel while giving build reports on the fuselage as well. Hopefully, with any luck at all I might actually end up with the completion of left wing panel and an available fuse at about the same time in order to finish the build in sequence.

So here are the last right wing panel photos, & now it is off to the races: wing/fuse/wing/fuse/wing/fuse/ ? ? ? ? ? Where to start ? ? ? ? ?
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