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Originally Posted by Jimob23 View Post
That all falls in line with something's I have read elsewhere where there is an inhibitor within the cell chemistry to pre-long shelf life .
In your initial cycles what voltage are you terminating at ?
After the 5C cycle do you consider that the pack is now ready for proper field use or should there be further breaking in cycles
I have seen suggestions elsewhere that 10C sustained load be considered as part of the 'break-in' so in my case of 5000 Ma that equates to 50A which I fell could be a bit extreme !

Cheers Jim


I terminate the cycles at 3V, but that is the loaded voltage.
After a cycle I think that a lipo is ready to use as I do not see any change in IR after that point, so that presumably, any forming process is complete.
I only run further low C cycles when testing in case that theory is wrong and to remove any excuse for failure or poor performance.

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