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Starmax F-35 Thunderbird 608mm Wingspan w/ Thrust Vectoring

I just got and put together this nice little jet. The owner's manual is almost useless. Nice thing is that it's self-evident how it goes together and it's an almost ready to fly.

Here's my problem:

The servo wires are numbered but don't believe them! When I plugged into my receiver, it didn't work at all. Well all of the servos worked and the motor worked but not what they were labeled for at all.

How are the servos supposed to be setup ideally?

After I sort out which wire does what, I can see the normal setup of aileron, elevator(& thrust vectoring up/down), rudder (steering and thrust vector left/right), and throttle.

But what is best way to program it with my Futaba 7C (7 channels)?
Elevons? Mixes? I've never had thrust vectoring before so I'm newbie at this.


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