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Originally Posted by peter.braswell View Post
Hi Jack,
Don't want to get into a flame war, but did want to ask why you thought I was irresponsible? ... I do want to learn from this ... I wasn't clear if you thought I was irresponsible for flying out at 2 miles or flying blind at 2 miles? Certainly I wasn't intentionally flying blind. Once things started to get unreliable, I immediately started home. That's when things went down hill.

It sounded like you were trying to find the limits of your equipment---you'd gone one mile; now you were going for two. I'm guessing if two was successful, you'd go for three. With that game-plan, it would seem likely that at some point you would reach and exceed the limits of your equipment. What did you expect would happen when you did?

Once the limit was exceeded, the aircraft is basically out-of-control. Sure, it may have responded to sick inputs; but if it's two miles away and you don't know where it is, it's essentially out-of-control. And being beyond your sight, you have no idea what the craft may crash into once it runs out of power. It just seems irresponsible to send an aircraft beyond it's known limits and not know who or what it may contact.

I apologize if this sounds harsh. But your situation has caused me to reflect on my flying. I'm just getting into FPV, and realize the potential risk that I'm about to undertake. Your unfortunate experience may have helped me prevent a similar one.

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