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Originally Posted by billyd60 View Post
Which osd did you have? All RTH autopilots I know of require extensive setups and careful calibration to work with a given aircraft. Sorry I know the horse it out of the barn already but it is what it is.

Alot of us have lost planes, and after that we either quit or get more diligent. I recommend a beacon such as this for future long range flights:

Also extensively test RTH LOS before attempting to try it long range.
Hi Billy,
Yes, I know all too well the issues and care that must be taken to set up AP/RTH. This was extensively tested and working well under LOS mode. I'd rather not quit but I do feel defeated. I'm not sure what my next move is, but I do agree with you. If you're going to be flying out beyond anything but trivial distances, some means of tracking your plane is mandatory.

I ran into this link googling last night (while simultaneously crying into my beer). Is this better / more reliable than a GPS/GSM solution in your opinion? Do you have any first hand war stories of using this to find a downed plane? I guess theoretically if you had a last known lat / long position via your recorded video down link that would get you in the ball park and this thing would get you pin pointed. I guess the scenario that gives me pause is if you're high up and get a video failure. The search radius could be large. The GSM/GPS solution in theory would give your lat / long where you land as opposed to having to home in with the radio beacon.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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