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Originally Posted by anlucas View Post
These new version, more sensitive balancer models are proving to be difficult to use for larger (90mm) fans and heavier 70mm fans.

I am achieving good balance to around 95%+ but a point comes where, even with the sensitive dial set to the minimum, I can't get the balancer to highlight just 1 consistent spot. Usually I get the mark appearing over 1/4-1/2 of the spinner. I had to try different spots by trial and error to improve the balance after that.

Any ideas on which softer tube material could I use to reduce the sensitivity?

You can reduce sensitivity by reducing the preload.

When you get the balancer new it takes a press on the beam to get both magnets to engage.
If you reduce tube length to the point that the axle just clicks into place you will see a reduction in sensitivity.

Make sure both sensors have contact with the tubing too short will stop the unit working properly.
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