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I think that's one of their polyester tissues- aka Litespan. The coatings applied are a bit different, so some are lighter (and more porous) than others. I've used the stuff on RC ships and also on big rubber ships- the fuselage of a Super Snooper. I think it replaces bamboo paper or heavy colored silkspan (I still have some of that stuff- untouched for decades now...)

If you're just building for fun- some of the clear plastic films used on indoor stuff are actually pretty tough- I covered a 25" Comet Stinson with some- hit it with marker, and it's done fine for years- looks like heck, but flies fine. I, of course, use RC 56 for adhesion purposes.....

Some guys used to use the translucent Reynold's Crystal Clear Wrap- haven't seen that stuff in years though- with a glue stick. Did OK on stick fuse models around 16" span and larger- but if building p-nuts, I'd stick with tissue or the thin plastic. One other downside to the plastic- it's got nowhere near the resistance to elongation that tissue does- it stretches readily. What this means is that it adds very little torsional rigidity to a structure and that's something tissue does well.


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