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I'm in.
First a big thank's to Dennis for providing us with this little gem. It took me some time to read through this tread and the more I read the more I wanted one. I called up Dennis since we're only 15 min. apart and he provided me with the nessesary board (already prept). I have sinse then gotten home a GPS, pressure sensor and a current sensor, all from Flytron.
I soldered the pressure sensor and the GPS to the board for a drytest. It all went well and I got a 5 satelite lock after 3min from my balcony. Now I want to ad the current sensor, but I'm not shure if all is ok with this unit?? As you can understand I am not into electronics or soldering SMD, my knowledge of these things are at the most basic. Now for my Q's:
  • The current sensor from Flytron is suposed to be a 100A rated. see pict 1 How do I know that.
  • How does this current sensor get rid of all the heat?
I probably have a ton of more Q's for you later on.
Thank's for all, now I need to clean it up and srinkwrap it.
Best regards Poul.
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