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Here ya go Richard,

1) If I engage position hold do I also need to engage height hold as well?

Nope, no need to have height hold checked with position hold or go home. I have height hold on a separate switch and not bound to pos hold and it works just fine with or without it enabled.

2) When I engage 'care free' does the Rabbit take it's reference as the take off orientation or the orientation when 'care free'was engaged e.g. I loose orientation of the quad and it is in front of me. If i engage 'care free' and pull back on the stick will it always return back to me?

It always bases it reference on the orientation the moment you arm the copter. If you land, disarm and rearm then that orientation becomes the new reference for 'forward'. Something to remember if you've enabled auto-disarm timeout and land without paying attention to the orientation and then re-arm.

You can engage and disengage CF as many times as you want during flight and it will not reset or change the reference heading, regardless of which way the copter's facing at the time CF is enabled or disabled. I've flown out many times, pointed my copter in a random heading and engaged CF; it always came back when I pulled back on the stick (assuming I had armed it while facing forward at takeoff). If it's not working this way for you, then you either have stray magnetic fields, haven't calibrated the compass properly, are using pre-1.210 firmware with poor CF code, or have a bad magnetometer. With that said you need to account for wind. If you have a cross wind then pulling back on the stick in CF mode will cause the copter to come back towards you but the wind will also carry it side ways.

*CF behavior is based on magnetic poles and assumes the copter is somewhere out in 'front' of you. If you're the type who likes to fly high up with the copter above you; when it inevitably gets behind you, pulling back on the stick will of course just make it go further away. Long story short...If you rely on CF to save you're bacon then always fly with the copter well out in front.

3) Can I engage position hold and care free at the same time?

Hmm, haven't tried that one but I would think you could. I did try flying around with both care free and go home enabled. It worked fine at first but then after a while started behaving strangely, so I figured I was causing the poor Rabbit to divide by 0 and stopped.
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