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Originally Posted by Edge767 View Post
Nice video, StompinThom. Great landing at the end. I wish the field I flew at had dirt like that to land on. The grass here is more like vines and they grab the wheels of the Spitfire and force nose-overs unless you're really on your toes and do everything just right.
Hi Edge...

On Friday, visited my other pals that fly at a former NAVY marching band area behind the NAVY Exchange and near Orlando International Airport I witnessed the Left wheel hub get busted as a result of landing from this rough Asphalt surface. The Asphalt has just too many cracks and it seems like even the smoothest landing you have a possibility to nose over (Tail Dragger) and I could not believe mine did not Nose over considering the busted Left Wheel hub. When I picked up the model the "Tire / Tyre" looped out from the hub !!!

I have been really busy experimenting with different types of propellers and have spent some good lunch money in doing so, however, the fun factor has been very satisfying to say the least.

Again, this following Video is with the smaller Park Zone 480 (960Kv) brushless motor and using the 4-Blade GWS Propeller and the old style T-28 prop adapter.

Talk about worry free landings with absolutely NO NOSE overs is this lighter setup (perhaps any lighter setup) without the heavy Stock Prop Adapter that comes with this model.

The model performed very well considering the load of the GWS 4-Blade 10 X 8 X 4 and balance was Spot On.

I flew my Spit for 7 flights on Friday!!!

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Park zone Spitfire Mk IX with Park Zone 480 and GWS 4-Blade 10 X 8 X 4 (2 min 18 sec)
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