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Originally Posted by askman View Post
I love smaller prop setup for AP/AV. stable platform makes for better video no matter what. and higher diskload helps with windy situation. why i still use 9" on my shrimp.

with gopro3, you can really tell the difference with prop sound. if you listen, the latest sounds very smooth and constant. earlier ones did not. that is clear sounds of prop issues.
I also agree on the smaller props and the Naza. With my Hengli HL44822's I can run 13x4 and 5 props without the motors even getting warm, but the copter feels much more smooth and stable with 11x5 carbon fiber props. Now I'm not pushing the motors at all and the lobster still has a ton of lifting power. Not quite the rocket ship it was with the 13" props, but it still climbs fast and is more stable coming down.
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