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Something I need to say. IMHO gas has more power than glow, Never see a glow stand on its tail and accelrate in the verticle until power is pulled off. running 1 battery for ignition and system is risky. flying a gasser without an optic kill is also risky.
I know I know, I've been doing it this way or that way for years and never had a problem never needed this or that.
Try and make your airplanes as safe as possible You can't fly an airplane in the pattern where you don't turn to the pits or people standing around.
Gasser are heavier than glow airplanes generally.
Redundancy is safety 2 batteries are better than 1. Optic kill switches reduce the possibillity of interference and give you an additional way to shut off the motor from the transmitter. It also kills the ignition if you loose power to the system preventing a runway airplane.
When's the last time I saw a runaway 2 aiplanes about 2 weeks apart a few weeks ago one glow just went to fail safe last see headed for the beach and climbing with power on. and a gasser that flew well above the pits crashed in a tree the other side of everyones cars.
Ok I'll get off my soap box...thanx for reading this
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