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I've flown the 152 a number of times now. It really does fly very well indeed and looks good in the air and at rest.

I crashed it the other day. I was too slow, too low, it just pirouetted in and smacked the nose part off the main fuz. It was a cold day and the spinner just smashed into lots of brittle pieces! On the field it looked bad, but back in the shed, some cyano and a bit of reinforcement and it looked very nearly as good as new. So far I have not been able to get the spare spinner to run true, so today I flew without it. Not as menacing, but still looks very distinctive.

Until today I'd flown it on 2 cells, but I bought a 3-cell 400mAh battery specially for it, and boy, does it make a difference! 2 cells is still fine, but three gets it going vertically and I even managed a very barrelly roll, along with all the usual mild aeros.

The repairs were fine.

Now I really fancy making the 152C version to the same scale, with the shorter-span wing, or maybe a Dora. There are plenty of kits around.

Thanks to everyone for supporting the thread and the contest, and also to Al Lidberg for a really good kit.
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