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Originally Posted by earlwb View Post
cloud_9, gasoline is petrol in some countries. .....I have used glow fuel over 20 years old and it worked just fine.

earlwb, thanks so much for the message, that was golden. I appreciate you taking the time to explain it so well. That really clears a lot of questions up for me.

If I am understanding correctly, from your answer and jjkupinski's, for a given amount of engine displacement, glow engines provide more power than gasoline (petrol) engines. For a given amount of fuel, gasoline provides more power than glow fuel, even with nitromethane added to the glow fuel. Glow engines burn fuel faster because they have a much richer air:fuel ratio. So the greater power in a given quantity of gasoline is distributed over a greater time span than that in which an equal amount of glow fuel is burned and at a given instant the glow engine is producing more power than an equal displacement gasoline engine. The greater amount of fuel burned in the glow engine allows it to cool the engine more.

Am I close?

Thanks again
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