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Gorilla Glue will have you up and flying by the next day. I would apply the glue to to one side with a Q-tip then remove all the excess glue you can with the same Q-tip. This stuff expands like crazy (especially in a warm environment) and you need very little to do the job. Spray the glue once or twice with a fine mist of clean water (to activate the foam) and reattach the parts, no need for toothpicks or other supports. Put one piece of masking tape along the seam to prevent the foam from expanding out, you want the foam to stay in the seam. Tape the pieces into the position you want and use lots of tape to prevent the foam from "pushing" the two pieces apart.
Let dry for 24 hours, remove the tape and sand/cut away any excess foam and you are good to go.
One of my planes had so many crashes, it was more Gorilla Glue than the original foam (almost).

I noticed in your photo that the nose is not taped up. Its a good idea to cover the nose with reinforced packaging tape to provide some structural strength and to beef up the weak points. Its amazing how the tape is to lesson the damage of most hard impacts.
Hope this helps
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