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The above kite has had its maiden...It is superb... It cruises slow and easy at less than half power, will hover perfectly.. its my easiest and best for hover so far...

At first I was disappointed with the roll and loop, at the low power cruise roll was very slow loops were rather large...
It was one of those DUH! moments when I realized a quick burst of power made all the difference
Loops now down to a few feet..rolls more than adequate.. all tight maneuvers just needed some airflow to get it sweet, so a quick burst did the trick...Once I realized that I was away...
This kite is exceptional... with its 10gm motor I get a long flight on a 300 2S lipo, so at low power I expect the draw is down at near 1.5A ..full power draws under 3A..
Hover is at about 3/4 power... full power will accelerate it up from the hover

The only problem I had was a mid air collision with of all people my flying buddy..his was fine, mine got the covering damaged..both of the frameworks were fine despite crashing to the concrete floor, so we put them upright and carried on...

EDIT..... after a lot of flights I have reaised the COG does in fact want to go back a touch from its current location... At th moment there is nothing wrong with its flight, but I have noticed that it drops its nose when you try to glide it doesnt glide my thought is that its nose heavy and at the slowest glide speed the elevons are having a bit of trouble keeping its nose up...
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