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Originally Posted by pro bro steve View Post
Lee the AMA way is harder to pass. Don't wish for that you will not like what you wish for.

We have 25' test not 10'. We can play with the DB meter with a Airplane to prove it.
My only point is the lack of a test stand in MARC's protocal. I am not a proponate of changing the distance from test meter to plane. I am a proponate of getting sound reflective persons/material away from (behind) the test meter, thus the reccomendation of an elevated test stand for the db meter. This should create a more consistant, fair & reasonable sound abatement test protocol.

Test both methods with a one plane consant,
Test 1 -No db meter test stand (hand held meter test) &
Test 2- With db meter test stand (stand held meter test) &
Then validate the db delta between the two tests.

If there is no difference you may have an out of calibration issue. Which leads to another battery of discovery questions, when was the last time the meter was calibrated? & What is the protocal regarding how often the meter should be calibrated?

We can all recall that FPV's were going bye bye until facts, data & logic were presented to sway the MARC board to a FPV supportive stance. The db test protocol is no different.

It is easy for me to be an arm chair board member, it is way harder to actually be one.
Thank you for representing all of us. You have my full support.
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