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Originally Posted by Jengaleng View Post
Hey thanks,

So what I get here is that the skyhammer and trurcs counterpart "pro omni" is actually a ground station RX and not something you mount onto the aircraft?

Also the madmushroom is prefered as a ground station RX?

What i'm trying to figure out is that with circular I guess the only antenna you actually change as per your needs is the one on the ground or can I get improvement with the aircraft mounted TX by swapping from a 3 lobe to a madmushroom?
The Mad mushroom can be TX or RX antenna. I personally use it as a TX antenna. It performs slightly better than the cloverleaf, but not much. Either is fine for your applications.

The sky hammer and Horizon Pro should not be used on an aircraft. Those are receiver antennas.

You do have another option, though: TrueRC Windmill or Fan.

In my mind, you have 4 options and you cannot go wrong with any of them: Wind mill, Cloverleaf, Fan, Mad Mushroom.

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