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Interesting, it may be cavitation as Peter suggests but kind unlikely on that size and speed of the prop. If you compare the 2 spinners, how far are the pins from the shaft? Is the spacing smaller on the Aeronaught spinner? That would account for a total smaller propeller diameter. Easy test would be to put that 13x6.6 on that same spinner and see the amps then. Aeronaught also produces some spinners that put the prop off the center line effecting the pitch of the prop. They have been at this folding prop game for a long time and know what they are doing, plus their props are designed for their spinners as a unit, results vary when mounted on other manufacturer spinners.

Originally Posted by Airman74 View Post
So I had a very strange thing happen when I changed props today,, maybe someone can explain it. Sooo,, I decided since I needed to move my CG fowArd a bit,, I'd put on the 15gram heavier aernought turbo spinner,, and since I was doing that might as well try a slightly bigger prop,,, so,,, I went from a 13x6.5 aeronaught on a stock E flite spinner to a 14x6 aeronaught with a aeronaught spinner,, with me?? My amp draw , checked several times with the 13x6.5 static was between 55-56 amps,, so then after I changed to aeronaught spinner and proped up to a 14x6,, I checked again,, now I get 45 amps!!!
Weird huh??? I check it 3x just to be sure yup 45- 46 amps,, should've been a little higher or about the same I would think,,, hmmmm. Soooo,,,, just for giggles I decide to try the E Flite 14x8 prop which has slightly narrower shoulders than the aeronaught props,, now I get about 55-56 amps,,, WOW!!!! About the same as I WAS getting previously using the 13x6.5 and E Flite spinner,, very weird!!! Maybe e flite spinner was rubbing against nose slightly??
Or,,, maybe E flite spinner not dynamically balanced as well??? The aeronaught DOES have a very different design than the E Flite spinner,, the e flite spinner doesnt have a backplate as where the aeronaught does. I'm at a loss to explain
But I'm happy about it. :-)
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