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Well my Beast 3d from ebay was way more damaged than I thought, and I up one of the aileron servos trying to remove the bottom wing. It was basically 90% crusty dried CA on the right side of the fuse. Ah well. For the price I paid, I will get a new fuse, cabane, linear servo (unless I can patch the tiny wire I sliced), stickers, and tail feathers and be all in for probably $50 less than a new one
Ok, I patched the servo. But, in doing the lap joint on the tiny wires I lost about 1/3" on the length of the wires. Looking at the pictures, I don't think I'll be able to stretch the servo to the proper length because the wires look pretty taut as it is. That's fine, I'm making a run to the LHS today to pick up the rest of the parts I will need. I plan on getting another AS3X brick, probably from classifieds here, because I'm planning on building a Guillows FW-190 kit #502. I don't want to wait anymore for an UM Axis fighter from ParkZone. I'll keep the shortened linear servo for ailerons on that machine. I'm excited to have a brand-new, except electronics, Beast 3D for a grand total of around $105.

So here's a question for you all: Since I'm disassembling the Beast 3d pretty much all the way down and replacing / building it from the ground up, should I spend the $25 to get the BL180 2300KV for the beast, and pair it with a GWS 5043? Or should I keep the current motor which is a BL180 2500KV. If I keep the current motor, I've already got a GWS 5030 to install. Opinions please

An aside: By the way: I have no 3D skills or experience, just basic aerobatics like inside/outside loops, hammerheads, stalls, spins, and the normal complement of immelman / split s turns. I have (once) gotten a scratchbuild plane to sort-of do a pop-top The Beast will be, for the moment, a biplane for me to sport fly. I love biplanes, they've a special place in my heart. I do plan on learning some 3d but not with a little beastie. I'll scratchbuild something or pick up a Fancy Foam airfoiled Edge 540 for the learning (and frequent crashing).

Thanks in advance,
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