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Hi Andrew,
"So it's OK to apply the PU foam over the top of a wet layer of epoxy??? "
It seems to be no problem at all to apply it on wet epoxy. It just doesn't work to apply the PU-foam over a wet layup of wet cloth because the pressure of the PU-foam will distort the layup.

"Do you have any problems with air being trapped in the mould preventing the PU from filling completely??"
In my case: No. As the ends of the aileron-moulds are open at their root and their tip, excess-PU-foam and possible airvoids will find their way out. For a totally closed one-piece-wingmould, if you really might encounter problems with enclosed air, it might help to drill a hole into the lower side of the mould (exactly where the later electric-connector will be placed) and/or maybe even two tiny little channels or wholes on the trailing edge of the wingtips.
Best of success,
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