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Originally Posted by Airman74 View Post
So I had a very strange thing happen when I changed props today,, maybe someone can explain it. Sooo,, I decided since I needed to move my CG fowArd a bit,, I'd put on the 15gram heavier aernought turbo spinner,, and since I was doing that might as well try a slightly bigger prop,,, so,,, I went from a 13x6.5 aeronaught on a stock E flite spinner to a 14x6 aeronaught with a aeronaught spinner,, with me?? My amp draw , checked several times with the 13x6.5 static was between 55-56 amps,, so then after I changed to aeronaught spinner and proped up to a 14x6,, I checked again,, now I get 45 amps!!!
Weird huh??? I check it 3x just to be sure yup 45- 46 amps,, should've been a little higher or about the same I would think,,, hmmmm. Soooo,,,, just for giggles I decide to try the E Flite 14x8 prop which has slightly narrower shoulders than the aeronaught props,, now I get about 55-56 amps,,, WOW!!!! About the same as I WAS getting previously using the 13x6.5 and E Flite spinner,, very weird!!! Maybe e flite spinner was rubbing against nose slightly??
Or,,, maybe E flite spinner not dynamically balanced as well??? The aeronaught DOES have a very different design than the E Flite spinner,, the e flite spinner doesnt have a backplate as where the aeronaught does. I'm at a loss to explain
But I'm happy about it. :-)
From my experience, (Iím not a real expert on electrics) Ground AMP checks are only a guide. My guess is the newer prop is possibly showing signs of cavitation and producing less load on the system. In flight power draw measurements are much more realistic. I do a lot of racing aircraft and prop cavitation can be very misleading especially when figuring out prop loads In flight information is more accurate.
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