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Originally Posted by eye4wings View Post
Nice tidy up of the wires!
That was well worth the effort wasn't it?
All of a sudden the fuselage looks more capacious.
Hi Robin: As you could see by the original setup, all the wiring from both wings where coming in directly over the servos. It also made getting all the connections very difficult, just finding the right ends to connect.
I ended up moving the 3 servos back 2". There's still going to be a mess of wires, at least now they have a place to lie. I was concerned the wires may tangle with the servo arms at worst, or cause electrical interference all jammed up against the Rx.
I normally use two channels for ailerons, but have decided to use one this time. That frees up channel 7 to drop bombs!! hehe. Of course thats another days work. First, I'll have to unglue the bombs from the fuselage! Then designs a release system to work on staggered bombs. OH<WHAT FUN!!! Doug B
Doug Bartley is online now Find More Posts by Doug Bartley
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