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Stern Dive rudders assembly

Back to the stern,

I started to repair the dive rudder supports, witch I has brutally dissembled from the shaft bearings support frames,

As you can see here,

First I put in the rudder horn into the keel, then I put the rudder shaft trough the keel and mount the other dive rudder plane.

Then I bend and adjust the rudder support till it fitted without creating any force on the rudder.

And start soldering it after I made sure nothing will move because I need both free hands for this job,

I use a gas soldering unit for this one, because it works fast and bring on a lot of heat in a short time,

The result of the soldering job,

I used wet toilet paper to cool the surrounding area for the heat DIRECT AFTER I finished the soldering job,

Then I turned the aft Hull upside down and mounted the other dive rudder support what was easily done because that one was undamaged by my earlier action some time ago.

I need some more heat for it starts to flow but it go's well,

It only needs some grinding and sanding to make it smooth.

Its starts to look nice now,

If you look carefully you see a hole in the aft of the keel.

I done that to be able to secure the M2 headless bolt at the rudder horn inside the keel.
You see the Ellen-key inserted for clarity.

I was not that happy with the solution Engel suggested to make the steering,
gear for the aft dive planes and rudder,

Engel want you to glue a bulkhead into the free flood room to make two fixed points to mount the steering cables,

And that you use a second lever to bring the linkage 2 inch lower for steering the dive planes,

In my opinion it only gives more play and a possible sloppy reaction at the dive-planes,

And I do not know how big your hands are, but my hand will not pass this extra bulkhead to maintain/replace by example the seal's from the main shafts

So I had to come up with a solution because to let my hands modified in a hospital so I get some more pivot points in my fingers don't attract me much

I came up with the following,

First I soldered a M2 bolling at the dive-plane lever,

And mounted back into the stern what are a Job to

Now I can mount the cable directly to the dive-plane lever in a little angle without binding the movement,

I do not mount the bulky bulk head and also not the second lever to overcome the 2 inch hight difference, I intent to go directly from the aft bulkhead to the dive-plane horn/lever.

Engel has a great solution to connect the steering cable on the aft bulkhead and they suggest to use just a piece of silicone fuel tube you put on the cable and the tube coming out of the aft bulk head.

Here you see the bits and pieces to make the watertight transition from the steering cable to the free flood room.

At 1 end you mount the rubbers and at the other end the steering cable outside with the silicon tube and on this brass tubes will be attached a frame to give this tubes a fixed point in the free flood room but in this case a much smaller one then the bulky one by the stock kit..

Assembled it looks like this,

When attached in the stern you can see that the steering cable are at a angle but I think it will not harm the dive function at all and theres no sloppy feeling ether

I have found a way to get the cables fixed but that will come soon.

I have the linkage up and running now in the aft section of the hull, and it has now much more room to work in

I have also a other link attached at the dive-plane linkage, The link I use are intend to glue or clamp it to the inner cable coming from the WTC, however doing this you are not able anymore to maintain/dismantle your inner cable because its stuck on each end of the cable.

So I took the 2mm inner link and put it in a vice and grind a little hole in it,

Then I use a wheel collar and soldered it over the link with the hole lined up with the hole in the wheel collar.

Now I'm able to get the link dismounted from the inner cable and I have more room to adjust the dive-planes also.

You see already the ABS mounts holding the steering outer cable.

After testing the stroke of the dive-plane I find out that I was not able to make a negative angle greater than 6a7 degree (diving)

So I need tho shorten the dive plane linkage shown here,

I have now attached the same bolling but now at the spot of the first hole from the pivot point. And now its OK,

And up its more than enough,

The two steering cables are now firm attached inside the stern and there's a lot of room left,

The only thing I still need to do is to fill the rubber bellows with Vaseline grease, to protect the rubber and to make it watertight.

But now its time to go further with the WTC because I have plans with the battery compartment


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