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Originally Posted by skellator View Post
i thought DOSD+ throttle option mode 2 are fully pilot controlled even in AP mode? plus neat idea with the why harness, but why he can actually use extra channel on his RX connect the other end of the Y harness mix it with throttle channel and assign a switch so it can be enabled and disabled as user discretion , only benefit we get from this is the less hassle unpluging and replugin the connection, especially when you have small tight space on your plane
In AP mode, you have full override authority on the aileron, elevator, and rudder. You don't have override on the throttle when in AP and using Throttle Mode 2. Well, you do have a little throttle override, but that's just in lowering the throttle. AP throttle control only works up to actual throttle position. If you have cruise set to, say, 30 (mph/kph/whatever) and it only takes half throttle to maintain that, and you're in AP mode with AP throttle control, and you give it full throttle...nothing will happen. The DOSD will regulate the throttle to maintain the cruise control. I tried cruise control and felt disconnected from the throttle because of this feature. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it. I just didn't like it the feel. I'm happier with setting failsafe throttle to a position that maintains a comfortable cruise speed should I failsafe. While in normal or AP I still have full throttle control so I can slow the plane down or speed it up to my liking, whenever I want. Just a personal preference.
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